Complaint Handling

Complaint Handling Procedure

1. Upon receipt of a complaint, Charles Monat representative will immediately notify and provide a copy of the complaint to the Complaints Handling Committee including Desk Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Head of Sales Operations (HSO) and Local Compliance Officer.

2. An appointed Complaints Handling Coordinator will send a written acknowledgement to the complainant, providing early reassurance that Charles Monat has received the complaint and is dealing with it; and ensure the complainant is kept informed of the process and of the actions being taken for the complaint’s resolution. The acknowledgement will be sent within 2 business days of receipt of complaint for all Charles Monat entities except Dubai, which will acknowledge the complaint within 7 calendar days.

3. The Complaints Handling Coordinator will collate evidence, identify all facts required for a fair assessment of the complaint and prepare investigation report, interview personnel involved in the complaint (including the complainant, where necessary), properly document all interview minutes/statement and furnish a copy to the interviewee(s).

4. The complaint will be investigated competently, diligently and impartially. All findings, Committee’s assessment and conclusion of the action taken throughout the entire process will be duly recorded.

5. All substantive responses will be prepared and sent to the complainant within 30 business days for all Charles Monat entities and 20 business days for Charles Monat Singapore. In the event that final response cannot be sent to the complainant within this time frame, a holding letter to the complainant must be written to advise that the matter is still being investigated, explain the reasons for any delay in providing the final response and provide an indicative reasonable timeframe within which the complainant may expect to receive the final response.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Channels