A passion for people resides at the core of Charles Monat Associates’ DNA, which drives us in our mission to create a lasting impact every day. We have a responsibility to give back to society, and through our philanthropic endeavors, we are committed to making a difference by improving lives and leaving a positive impression on the world.

Our mission is clear – to help our clients plan for their future, while helping to establish a more sustainable society for the next generation. We believe this begins with children, and by creating lasting, systemic change to improve their lives and living conditions.

At Charles Monat Associates, leaving a legacy is about more than just passing on wealth, it is the values you inspire in others to create meaningful change that can be passed down from generation to generation. If a droplet of water can create a ripple effect, then a single act of kindness can have a far-reaching impact across the globe.

We are encouraged to share our dedication and our story, because together we believe this can inspire others to create a secure tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Ulet Ifansasti

Photo Credit: Ulet Ifansasti

Our 50-year commitment to preserving our clients’ legacies and protecting their families transcends through to our philanthropic efforts. Our guiding principles of unity and shared purpose ensure every small step leads to impactful change, while our compassion is anchored on a promise to save a life every time we protect a life for our clients – this is our One4One promise.

“Our reason for giving back is fuelled by a desire to elevate society and ensure its continuity. Whether it’s by demonstrating to the next generation the importance of compassion, or making a difference through small acts of generosity, I strongly believe that everybody can play a role. At Charles Monat Associates, our purpose is not only to work towards a more sustainable future, but to also multiply our personal contributions by inspiring others to give back. We do this by involving our clients and partners in our efforts to fight preventable diseases and eradicate poverty. It is only by working together that we can make breakthroughs in tackling the world’s biggest challenges.

Yves Guélat, Group CEO


Based on shared values and a belief that every child deserves a future, Charles Monat Associates has partnered with Save the Children, a leading humanitarian organization that champions the rights and interests of children worldwide.

Our role was inspired by the central tenant of our business – legacy planning – and a desire to extend it to the vulnerable families to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for generations to come. It is our commitment to drive true transformation and long-lasting change.


Photo Credit: Ulet Ifansasti


It’s important that people know the impact their donations have. We strive to maximize the impact of every dollar to touch the lives of as many lives as possible.

Keeping Families and Communities Healthy

Children's Hygiene Kit

Family Hygiene Kit

Vaccinate A Baby

Nutrition Boost

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Community Handwashing Station

Keeping Healthcare Workers Safe

Face Mask

Hand Sanitizer

Building Healthcare Capacity, Knowledge and Skills

Equip Health Center

Pneumonia Information Kit

Knowledge Saves Lives

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