Planning for Tomorrow, Today

Our mission is to assist our clients in preparing for their future, while simultaneously working towards a more sustainable society for all. Central to this vision is our focus on children—aiming to bring about lasting change that improves their lives and conditions, ensuring a brighter tomorrow.

Impacting lives and communities with Save the Children

Based on a shared belief that every child deserves a future, in 2021 we partnered with Save the Children, a leading humanitarian organization with over 100 years of history and expertise championing the rights and interests of children worldwide, in combating preventable deaths from childhood Pneumonia.

Our focus on the program is built on creating Sustainability

in equipping the locals with critical Knowledge Transfers to achieve the most sustainable solution for communities, preventing unnecessary deaths from Pneumonia.

Our Philanthropic Impact in Indonesia

lives treated with medical intervention (2021 - 2023)
Medical volunteers certified
hospital nurses trained
pop-up medical huts established
hospitals facilities integrated

Watch our Philanthropic Mission coverage here with Kompas TV

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Our work with Save The Children on fighting Pneumonia continues in China, watch this space for more updates!

At Charles Monat Associates, we are committed to an ESG movement in contributing to Environmental Healing through recycling and upcycling. We implement the use of eco-friendly materials and practice conscientious habits in our Marketing and Operational efforts to lower our carbon footprint, in addressing the environmental impact associated with pollution and climate change.