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There are now many ways to build, accumulate and protect wealth. Here at Charles Monat Associates, we combine both internal and external expertise to offer you suitable insurance solutions to meet your needs by bringing our extensive knowledge and experienced advisory so that you not only plan ahead to cater to your evolving needs, you’ll also protect what’s truly important.


In times of uncertainty and market volatility, allocating a portion of your financial portfolio to insurance solutions with stable returns can assist in growing wealth in a more secure manner compared to alternatives such as investment in global or emerging markets which may be significantly affected by political or economic conditions and regulatory requirements. Such securities may be less liquid and more volatile. Considering an insurance savings plan as a supplement to other insurance plans and legacy-planning solutions allows you to counteract market uncertainty with a non-correlated asset that provides guaranteed* cash value and death benefit, along with the potential for further returns in the long term.

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An instrument which provides stable returns to balance and secure a financial portfolio.  

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Not a volatile or speculative asset class.

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Complements overall insurance portfolio to achieve wealth preservation, accumulation and transfer goals.

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Not a replacement to traditional life insurance protection strategy which focuses on providing high death benefit coverage for wealth and legacy planning.

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Conservative asset class coupled with guaranteed principal protection and capital growth potential in the long term.

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Not a short term high-yielding asset.

*Guaranteed herein specifically refers to the cash value and death benefit in the savings plan policy provided by the insurer. Charles Monat Associates makes no representation, warranty or guarantee on any insurance product or insurance provider.

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*Guaranteed herein specifically refers to the cash value and death benefit in the savings plan policy provided by the insurer. Charles Monat Associates makes no representation, warranty or guarantee on any insurance product or insurance provider.

Note: This section only provides general information on the common benefits and features of insurance savings plans. These may vary from plan to plan. All benefits and features described are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy contract issued by the applicable insurance provider.

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In addition to mitigating mortality and longevity risk, an insurance savings plan can serve as a valuable wealth planning tool for the following purposes:

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High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) have different yet distinct needs. With the vast number of HNWIs becoming more sophisticated in their approach to wealth management, they think far beyond the life coverage that life insurance provides. These profiles are the ones we’ve identified whose needs can be well-supported, if not fulfilled by an insurance savings plan.



For individuals seeking stable and relatively liquid product in their overall financial plan while minimizing the impact of market fluctuations. 




For individuals looking to balance and/or diversify their wealth portfolio in the medium to long term.




For individuals looking to address long-term goals including wealth transfer, multi-generational planning, supplemental retirement income, future expense planning (e.g. education fund for children) and business planning.



For individuals with high cash allocation in their portfolio and keen to deploy the excess cash to supplement wealth protection needs.




For older aged individuals or individuals who are unable to secure life coverage due to poor health history or medical reasons.



For grandparents or parents looking to preserve while planning to pass on wealth to the next and future generations.

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For HNWIs, insurance solutions are not just for protection, but also to plan for long term liquidity and provide family wealth protection for dependents, spouses and children. Here is an illustration to show how an insurance savings plan can assist with a family’s future expense planning.


Note: Figures quoted in the example are for illustration purposes only. Actual benefits payable are subject to the insurance policy contract and future performance of the participating fund managed by the insurance company. Timeline is not drawn to scale.

Savings Plan Terms & Conditions

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